Our plans

Our plans

We have ambitious plans for our two vineyards. We would like to introduce you to our future projects and keep you updated on their progress.



The logs have been prepared, the staves are drying out, and our 100% Swiss wood cooperage will soon be ready. Innovative tracking technology has allowed us to place our terroir at the very heart of our barrels.


Vines & Trees

In 2021, we are embarking on a project to plant trees and bushes on our two estates. Already enjoying a few fruit trees within the Domaine du Manoir, the idea of having vines and trees coexist on different plots seduces us. This ancestral method promotes the return of biodiversity to the vineyards and also has an impact on the vine, its climate and its terroir. In two years, we have planted more than a hundred isolated trees and thorn bushes in strategic corners of our estates.

A first project was launched in March 2021 with VogelWarte. In 2022, we are relaunching our adventure and planting around forty trees in each area with the help of UNIL students. We can count among the vines of Merlot, Pinot-Noir, Chasselas and Gamay more than ten different species, rural species and fruit species such as: Almond tree, Peach tree, Black thorn, Sorbier, Cherry tree, Eglantier, Thorn Vinette, Nerpuns.

We now have to be patient before these trees grow and come to create a real ecosystem, thus becoming an asset for the vine and for biodiversity.


Organic conversion

As soon as we took over our two estates, we launched the process to convert our 40 hectares of vines to organic farming. We have set up various ecological projects to promote biodiversity in the vineyards.

Green Fertilizers

Step by step, we have launched trials with the planting of green manures between the plots, such as rye and fava bean, with the aim of loosening the soil and providing our vines with some nitrogen.

We have also planted cover crops such as Crimson Clover and Corn Cockle for honey and wild bees, bumblebees and other insects, which help us control vine pests and diseases.

Nest boxes

We have installed nesting boxes in the large plane trees of the Manor, in partnership with Vogel Warte to give a living space to the Jackdaws, a volatile species in danger of extinction in Switzerland.